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Why do I see different prices for the same product?

You could see different prices for the same product, as it could be listed by many Sellers

Is installation offered for all products?

Installation and demo are offered forcertain items by sellers through the brand or an authorised serviceprovider. Please check the individual product page to see if theseservices are offered for the item.

Is it necessary to have an account to shop on Boozaka?

Yes, it’s necessary to log into yourBoozaka account to shop. Shopping as a logged-in user is fast &convenient and also provides extra security.

You’ll have access to a personalised shopping experience including recommendations and quicker check-out.

What does ‘Preorder’ or ‘Forthcoming’ mean?

Items marked as ‘Preorder’ or‘Forthcoming’ are expected to be released soon and you can pre-book themwith sellers. Such items will be shipped after their official releaseby the seller with whom you’ve pre-booked them.

Do sellers on Bauzaoka ship internationally?

Currently, sellers on Bauzooka only ship within India.

Can I use an item that has beengiven to me as a gift from a state sponsored or an NGO-funded freebiedistribution programme to get discounts through exchange offers?

No, as per company policy, such itemsare not eligible for discounts under exchange offers. You can also referto the ‘Exchange Offers’ section in the ‘Terms of Use’ page for moredetails.

How Can I sell online?

Anyone can start selling online thesedays. All you need is a passion for e-commerce and strong will tosucceed. Through Bauzooka you can start selling even without anytechnical knowledge.

Which Products should I sell?

This is the toughest question for anyonline seller. It’s quite difficult to identify the hot sellingproduct(s) that can give you high profit levels. You will have to dolots of research to identify killer product. Take help of BAUZOOKA.

Should I sell on marketplaces or on own store

In the beginning, you should sell onmarketplaces. Once you have enough experience and gain sufficientknowledge, you should definitely open your own store. BAUZOOKA sell bothon marketplaces and on online store as well.

Which are the best marketplaces to sell my products?

There are many great marketplaces whereyou can list your products and start selling in no time but BAUZOOKA isthe best ones. You can sell on one or multiple product very easily.

Which type of online store is best: self-hosted or fully-hosted?

If you are a non-tech, fully hosted BAUZOOKA like solutions are ideal for you.

How can I sell on multiple marketplaces?

If you are selling on 1 or 2marketplaces, you can manage on your own but if you want to sell onmultiple marketplaces and are generating huge sales volume, it becomesdifficult and you need software (BAUZOOKA can also provide) that makesyour task easier.

Can I sell online without GST?

All online sellers need GST number forselling taxable items. Rules are strict and you should not sell withoutit. Penalty is heavy if you’re caught. Moreover, marketplaces likeBAUZOOKA won’t allow you to register as sellers without GST number forselling taxable items.

What do I need to register as a seller on marketplaces?

BAUZOOKA require you to submit:(1) PAN Card(2) ID Proof(3) GST No. for selling taxable items(4) Brand authorization for selling branded items (selected companies)(5)It may require one or two additional documents. It’s mostly mentionedon their seller registration page or you can call at their sellersupport phone number.

What are the charges to register as a seller on marketplaces?

There is no fee to register as a seller on BAUZOOKA. You only pay fee/commission on sale of products.

What licenses are required to sell online in India?

Generally GST No. is enough but forselling products like food items, cosmetics or surgical goods etc. youneed specific licenses from the concerned departments.

How can I buy/sell wholesale online?

While looking for a supplier, your maingoal is to find quality products at best rates so you can sell at aprofitable price. Through BAUZOOKA you can find a good wholesaler or amanufacturer, online suppliers.

How can I sell globally?

BAUZOOKA allow sellers to sell their products globally through international shipping and payment option.

How can I accept international payments?

If you are selling products or servicesoverseas, Indian payment gateways won’t help you to accept payments.BAUZOOKA use PayPal or Payoneer which are leading international paymentgateways that offers services to Indian merchants.

Can I use PayPal or Payoneer to accept local payments?

No, at present you can’t accept/make local payments using these gateways. You can only make or receive international payments.

What is brand authorization?

For selling branded products, BAUZOOKArequire merchants to get authorization to sell online and that is brandauthorization. But, if you have a purchase invoice, you may not requirebrand authorization.

How can I increase my sales?

BAUZOOKA promote your store both offlineand online as you can’t wait for customers to come on their own as theymay never find your store .

Is BAUZOOKA is secure from hackers?

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you aremore vulnerable to security threats, so you need to be proactive to staysafe online. yes BAUZOOKA is 100% secured.

Do I need IE code for selling internationally online?

Yes, for global selling you need IE code.

How can I improve my seller ratings on marketplace?

Seller ratings are the most importantfactor while selling on marketplaces. You must strictly keep followingthe best practices. You need to take care of different factors liketimely & fast delivery, good product quality, no counterfeitselling, proper packaging etc. NEVER miss delivering products after youreceive order.

How do I ship products selling on marketplaces?

BAUZOOKA provide shipping solutions tosellers. You just have to pack the products and keep ready to ship. Itwill be picked by the courier company assigned by the BAUZOOKA .You canalso use fulfillment services provided by BAUZOOKA where you send yourproducts to BAUZOOKA warehouse and all the packing and fulfillment isdone by them.

Do I need to hire a developer while having own store?

it depends on your business plan andneeds. If you have technical knowledge and think you can handle italone, you don’t need to hire any and vice versa. It’s your choice only.If you use BAUZOOKA platform, you won’t need to hire developers.

How much time does it take to get paid after successful sale on marketplaces?

Different marketplaces have their ownschedule but normally payment is remitted within 7 to 15 days. BAUZOOKApays faster to sellers who have good ratings and turnover. This is onearea where different marketplaces compete with each other to attractmore sellers.

Which languages does Bazooka support?

The customer or seller -facing parts ofBAUZOOKA store, including ecommerce website, blog, checkout, and emailscurrently available in English only.

What is third-party processor?

A third-party payment processor (also known as a payment provider or payment gateway) lets you accept online payments.


BAUZOOKA sell and accept payments in Indian rupees only.

BAUZOOKA support and marketing?

BAUZOOKA provide full support to seller in every field such as logistics, packing. Marketing or shipping

BAUZOOKA security?

This means that can anyone can sell andpurchase any product without having to worry about who is gaining accessto their personal details.

What do you mean by pre-ordering an item?

BAUZOOKA make items available evenbefore their launch date! Pre-order your item and we will ship it to youas soon as it is launched. Now you don’t need to wait in line or runthe risk of stocks running out.

How do I know that an item is yet to be launched and can be pre-ordered?

The item’s information page will state an item’s launch date and if it can be pre-ordered.

When will I receive my item?

As soon as the item is launched, we will ship it to you and inform you by email and SMS.

Can I cancel a pre-ordered item?

Changed your mind? No problem. You can cancel your order any time on BAUZOOKA.

Can the delivery date change for these items?

Yes, only if the brand changes thelaunch date. BAUZOOKA let you know if this happens. Otherwise, you canlook forward to receiving it as promised by us.

What are the modes of payment available for pre-order?

All our usual payment modes apply:– Credit card– Debit card– Net Banking

Can I change my delivery address once I place a pre-order?

In case you wish to change your delivery address for these orders, please cancel the existing one and re-place your order.

When can I expect refund for my returned item?

Once we receive the original item, we will do quality check within 2 days and initiate refund.–For prepaid orders, it will be initiated immediately to card/bankaccount. Your bank will take a maximum of 7 to 10 business days tocredit this amount.

What are the details I must provide for a bank NEFT transfer?

You need to provide the following details:• Bank account number• Account holder’s name• IFSC code (mentioned on your bank cheque•• How can I submit my bank’s NEFT details if the link in the email does not work?• Don’t worry! Write to us with your complete bank NEFT details in ‘CONTACT BAUZOOKA’.• I don’t remember my password. Help• mail bauzooka at [email protected]

Can BAUZOOKA use my account without my knowledge?

Not at all! We ensure that you get a secure and safe shopping environment always.

Why should I sell on BAUZOOKA?

BAUZOOKA is the leader in Indian e-commerce with maximum online reach and highest credibility.good logistics support.


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