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Textile is a flexible material of natural or artificial fibres ( yarn or thread ) . A fabric is a material made through weaving , knitting , spreading , crocheting or bonding that may be used in production of further goods ( garments etc ) . The textile related with the design , production and distribution of yarn , cloth and clothing . The raw material may be natural or synthetic using products of the chemical industry . Meaning of Textile is woven or knitted fabric made from yarn . Apart from fibre , yarn and fabric or any other product made from these combinations are defined Textiles . Textile is also associated with clothing production . Fibre is the raw material of textile which may be natural or man – made . Natural fabrics such as wool , cotton , silk and linen are made from animal coats , cotton – plant seed pods , fibers from silkworms , and flax ( fiber from the stalk of a plant ) respectively . Textiles are made from many materials , with four main sources :

animal ( wool , silk )

plant ( cotton , flax , jute )

mineral ( asbestos , glass fibre )

synthetic ( nylon , polyester , acrylic )

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