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Bags are mainly classified into two categories : Handbags & Luggage Bag . A ” handbag ” is a larger accessory that holds objects such as personal items . We typically uses the terms purse and handbag interchangeably . Purses were made of soft fabric or leather

We are engaged in providing different types of bags to our customers . Some are as follows :

Hand bag

Hobo bag

Tote bag

Duffle bag

Messenger bag



Doctor’s bag

Laptop Bag

Bucket bag

Bowler bag




Beach Bag

Shoulder bag


Shopping/Grocery bag

Drawstring bag

Make up bags

Foldover Bags

Phone bag

Camera case bag

Baguette bag

Barrel Bag

Basket Bag

Fanny Pack

Kelly Bag

Lunch Bag

Bags made from cloth fabric materials such as canvas , cotton , denim , linen , satin , silk , twill and velvet . Faux leather refers to materials that look and feel like leather but are actually synthetic.

Our bags are durable and therefore offer the best protection of the items inside . When trying to match your bag with your outfit, pay attention to the material & quality of bag .

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