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Electrical Equipment deal in providing customers multiple products of different categories , electrical equipment is one of the category in which we deal . We provide our customers various products under electrical equipment category which are highly appreciated for its features , effective functioning etc .

Electrical Equipment refers only to components part of the electrical distribution system such as :

Electric switchboards

Distribution boards

Circuit breakers and disconnects

Electricity meter


Electrical equipment includes any machine powered by electricity . It usually consists of an enclosure , a variety of electrical components , and often a power switch . Examples of these include :

Major appliance


Programmable logic controller

Small appliances

Electronics include devices used for entertainment ( flatscreen TVs , DVD players , video games , remote control cars , etc ) , communications ( telephones , cell phones , e-mail -capable laptops , etc ) , and home – office activities ( e.g , desktop computers , printers , paper shredders , etc ) are the examples of electrical equipments .

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